How to pass college semester exams for igu?

College students often try to get good marks examination and many students who are working on some project or preparing for any competitive exam wants quick and easy task for pass semester examinations. Indira Gandhi University IGU Meerpur offers various courses like BA BSC BCOM BCA BTECH MSC MCA MCOM MTECH MPHIL LLB BED BPHARMA MBA PHD and students can secure good marks by following the steps provided below. Here at we will show you how you can pass in the examination easily.

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Tips and Tricks to Pass College Semester Exams

If you follow these steps you will secure good marks in college examination, make sure you don't skip any step, we know you have very less time to prepare for examination but believe us you are not going to fail. Students can secure good marks and improve there overall percentage in college, follow these steps to pass college exams easily.

1) Learn and Revise Basics

Students mostly make mistakes with the little things or the basics, make sure you practice the basic things regarding the subject. This is also an important part as if basics are clear then student can write something and at least can get some marks without knowing exact answer or solution.  By this student will make less mistakes in the exam and can attempt all question easily. IGU Dhilu also provides books to improve you basics and foundations you can get those books to improve your basics.

2) Write and Learn everything

Students read the content many times and then they forget everything during exam time, the solution is very simple if you write the thing in notebook 2-3 times and then learn you will remember it for long. Writing the answers will make your mind remember these formula and content for long run. Students can practice unsolved papers after learning for several times and writing them.

3) Go through the notes

We know at last students have very less time and they cannot learn and remember whole syllabus and notes. It is recommended that student must go through to the class notes or study notes 2-3 times so they can get idea about what they going to attempt in the examination hall. Our website also provides the best quality study notes which help students to secure good percentage in examinations.

4) Practice Sample Papers

The strongest point in passing the exam lies with sample papers as these paper are mostly similar to what you will get in the examination. Practicing sample papers will help students to mainly attempt question which have more chances of coming in the exam. These sample papers help to secure good marks and they help in making less mistakes in the examination. With the help of these sample papers students can attempt the question paper easily. It is recommended that student must practice at least 3-4 sample papers for getting good marks in the exam.

5) Attempt with free mind

Students who are fully prepared for the exams also make mistakes because they are always in confusion what will come and what will not, so if you have prepared nicely with above steps then go with relaxed mind on the exam day, if you have practiced 4-5 sample papers and previous year question papers then you have an idea about what will be there in examination hall, so go with free mind and make sure you attempt all question and write nicely with good handwriting.

 Final words

Students can pass semester college exams easily by following these steps and if any student require any study material like study notes, sample papers, books, previous year question papers you can download from we have big collection of study material with best quality. If any student have any queries regarding anything related to your studies you can comment below or mail us we are always ready to help our students.


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